Our Wealth Management Process

At the heart of both our process and our relationship with you is Envision®, a comprehensive, goals-based investment plan, which can act as a life map that helps you navigate your financial future. We take the effective management of your financial resources seriously, and the investment plan allows all parties to continually make results-focused financial and personal decisions throughout the process.

You’re unique, so we believe your plan should be unique, too.
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As a client of Tri-Oak Private Wealth Management, you will be guided through a highly disciplined wealth management process, as outlined below.

Our wealth management process in seven steps:

1. Getting to know each other

Upon gaining insight regarding your life goals, vision, and values, we’ll collaborate with you to create an investment strategy unique to your objectives.

2. Discovery and proposal development

In an effort to analyze current investments and develop our strategy, we will gather data, documents, and statements for analysis.

3. Envision and investment strategy meeting

We will then present your customized wealth management plan, provide you with our asset allocation investment proposal, and customize our services further.
* Asset allocation doesn't guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

4. Implementation of investment strategy

In executing the agreed upon strategy, we’ll also transfer existing assets as needed.

5. Follow-up meeting

We will meet in-person to discuss first statements, online resources, and a schedule for future meetings, in addition to scheduling our Financial Strategy Action Plan meeting.

6. Develop financial strategy action plan

This plan shows you why we’ll be making certain decisions, which we’ll focus on with you. The way we see it, an improved financial education allows you to play a more important role in your own financial future.

7. Review progress

We will carry out performance and investment reviews, evaluate our own services on an ongoing basis, and ask that you keep us abreast of any life changes or new objectives.